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The barber battle originated in the United States decades ago, as a way to showcase barber industry professionals at trade shows. They were later popularised as standalone niche events.



Juanjo Ruzafa
Summarizing what the Golden is is not an easy task. It is an initiative born in the USA and brought here by Charles, who manages to merge professional chats, training, networking and contests in different categories in a festive atmosphere. In a unique environment, both professionals and friends relax, share inspirations and see new talent. We all speak the same language: the Barbershop, an event that no one should miss!
Miquel Fabré
Since we collaborated as a sponsor, our barber product sales have grown by 15% annually, in addition to better positioning in the market.
Javier Barrales
For our brand, the first participation in the Golden Chair meant making it known and expanding it in Spain. The last edition was an excellent opportunity to establish ourselves and consolidate the brand in the market. The best part: sharing the brand with our users!


FAQ de sponsor


Here are the answers to some possible questions
  • How much is the entry?
    General entry fee will be 30€ (Including food and limited non alcholoic beverages). In order to register for categories cost between 145€ (Student Battle) - 195 euros (Professional Categories). Early bird discounts will be available! Register Now
  • How many categories can I register in?
    Except for profesional/ experienced barbers participating in the student category, you can participate in as many categories as you would like! To register, click below! INSCRIVEZ-VOUS
  • Do I need to bring my own model?
    Yes, barbers are required to bring their own models. Each competitor is responsible for bringing his or her model.
  • Do I need to bring my own tools?
    Yes, participants are responsible for bringing their own tools for each category.
  • Is there a hotel or hostel near the venue?
    Oui, il existe de nombreux hôtels proximité du lieux de l'évènement, dans la ville de Barcelone dans le quartier de Poble Nou et ses environs.
  • Est-ce qu'il y a une récompense monétaire à Barcelone ?
    Oui, la loi nous permet d'offrir des prix en espèces avec les taxes correspondantes appliquées.
  • Can I sponsor the event or set up a sales booth?
    Si, there are several levels of sponsorship available. All include a stand where you can display and/ or sell your product or service. For more information, click here.
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