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Creative Freestyle Design

Creative Freestyle Battle


21 January 2024


11 AM - 9 PM


L'Ovella Negra Marina

Zamora 78

08018 Barcelona, Spain

Category: Creative Freestyle Design

Duration: 50 minutes 


Being a freestyler, the contestant has "carte blanc" to do whatever they can imagine or something they already have in mind. Originality always has more weight in this category.


The use of templates, mobile devices or any other visual aid in the work area will be grounds for disqualification. Only the help of your mind and your own creativity is allowed. It is the spirit of the great “freestyle” rappers!!


Judges will score on the following:

  • Line Accuracy: Cleanliness, consistency, and overall flow of the design.

  • Difficulty: Artistic difficulty of the overall design

  • Style: Overall balance of cutting and styling the hair on top.

  • Originality/Creativity: The ability to artistically display a cut/style that is unique and creatively independent

  • Complete "Look": The harmony and coherence of the hairstyle with the shape of the head and facial features of the model.

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