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Shear Only

Shear Only Battle


21 January 2024


11 AM - 9 PM


L'Ovella Negra Marina

Zamora 78

08018 Barcelona, Spain

Category: Shear Only

Duration: 40 minutes

In this category it is about cutting and styling a haircut just using scissors and razors. Clippers or electronic machines are prohibited for this category (the use of any cutting machine will be grounds for disqualification.) Failure to comply with the minimum length measurements of a maximum of 0.5cm will be penalised with 6 points in the final score. 


Minimum hair measurements: 
Sides and nape: 3 cm. 
Edges: 1.5 cm. 

If minimum lengths are not met, the contestant could be disqualified. The use of hair fibers (Toppik), coloured pencils (Graffetch pencils), or coloured hair spray is not allowed in this category. Models may have their hair pre-coloured with no more than 3 colours.

Judges will score on the following:
Degree of difficulty: Hair length, techniques used, etc.
Cutting technique: Technical precision of the haircut to completion
Styling technique: Blow drying, styling and use of products
Professionalism: Body position and position of cutting and styling techniques
Total "Look": The harmony and coherence of the hairstyle with the shape of the head and facial features of the model.


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