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BCN Cut & Beard



21 January 2024


11 AM - 9 PM


L'Ovella Negra Marina,

Zamora 78

08018 Barcelona, Spain

Category: Cut & Beard

Duration: 45 minutes

In this category there will be a haircut and beard. The use of enhancements such as hair fibers and colours in this category are not permitted.


Judges will score on the following:

  • Degree of difficulty: Hair length, techniques used, etc.

  • Precision of the cut: Technical precision of the haircut to completion

  • Professionalism: Body position and position of cutting and styling techniques

  • Beard: The balance of the shape of the beard, fade or blend, and it’s outline,

  • Total "Look": The harmony and coherence of the hairstyle with the shape of the head and facial features of the model.

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