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Event date:
December 3, 2023
12:00 - 21:00
Location of the event :
Salon Royal Palace
Paris, France



In the city center of Joinville-le-Pont, you will find the Salon Royal Palace where will be hold our event in France!

  • Golden Chair International marked a decade of excellence in the hairdressing and barbering industry. After eight successful editions in Spain, Uzbekistan, Ghana, and various destinations, we are delighted to announce that the ninth edition will be of exceptional grandeur. This time we have chosen the most beautiful capital in the world to host our exclusive event - Paris. On December 3, 2023, Paris will shine in a special light thanks to the Golden Chair International, which will be held in Joinville-le-Pont.

  • The City of Lights will be the scene of our competition which will bring together exceptional hairdressing and barbering talents from the four corners of the planet. Paris, rich in its history, its culture and its timeless elegance, will be the ideal setting to celebrate this unique event. Participants will compete in five distinct categories, under the expert gaze of a panel of five internationally renowned judges, all masters in their field. Each of these categories will have 16 participants, with one model per competitor. At the end of the competition, the three winners in each category will receive the prestigious prizes they deserve.

  • The charm of Paris will not be the only asset of our event. Between each event, we will offer a 20 to 45 minute presentation and demonstration platform to our valued sponsors. This unique opportunity will allow you to showcase your products and services to a captivated audience, in an atmosphere imbued with Parisian style.

  • Besides the fierce competition, our guests will have the opportunity to live an unforgettable experience. Not only will five lucky people walk away with the coveted Golden Chair trophy, but here is a taste of what awaits you there:

  • Renowned international judges
    Five competition categories
    Premium prizes and gifts
    More than four hours of free professional education and training
    A seasoned presenter to host the event
    A musical atmosphere provided by a DJ and an artistic show
    A sumptuous buffet
    A well-stocked bar to toast to this celebration of hairdressing and barbering.
    Paris, city of fashion and elegance, is the perfect choice for this exclusive edition of Golden Chair International. We look forward to welcoming you to this iconic city and sharing this exceptional experience with you.

  • Join us for a day of fierce competition, learning, fun and celebration in Paris, the city of love and style. Come experience the magic of Golden Chair International 2023 in an unforgettable Parisian atmosphere.

Juges et éducateurs


Bataille de coiffure et billets


Battle de coiffure et Billets FR
Limited availability - Register now via the link below!


Space where learning barbers

can demonstrate their talent.


Fade cut in 15 minutes or less.


Only one rule... No electric clippers.


Create a new style never seen before.


The best of 80's and 90's classic

Retro styles for textured hair.



We collaborate with major brands


  • How much is the entry?
    General entry fee will be 30€ (Including food and limited non alcholoic beverages). In order to register for categories cost between 145€ (Student Battle) - 195 euros (Professional Categories). Early bird discounts will be available! Register Now
  • How many categories can I register in?
    Except for profesional/ experienced barbers participating in the student category, you can participate in as many categories as you would like! To register, click below! INSCRIVEZ-VOUS
  • Do I need to bring my own model?
    Yes, barbers are required to bring their own models. Each competitor is responsible for bringing his or her model.
  • Do I need to bring my own tools?
    Yes, participants are responsible for bringing their own tools for each category.
  • Is there a hotel or hostel near the venue?
    Oui, il existe de nombreux hôtels proximité du lieux de l'évènement, dans la ville de Barcelone dans le quartier de Poble Nou et ses environs.
  • Est-ce qu'il y a une récompense monétaire à Barcelone ?
    Oui, la loi nous permet d'offrir des prix en espèces avec les taxes correspondantes appliquées.
  • Can I sponsor the event or set up a sales booth?
    Si, there are several levels of sponsorship available. All include a stand where you can display and/ or sell your product or service. For more information, click here.
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